AISA CyberCon 2019

    18 Oct, 2019 | News

    Paul Barnes (one of our Account Managers) recently attended the AISA CyberCon 2019 on behalf of BCT Solutions. He came away inspired, realising what a fantastic time it is to be working in cyber security in Australia!

    Hearing from some of the keynote speakers talk about their perspective of cyber security really highlighted how broad cyber security is in Australia. Dr. Karl, Kevin Mitnick, James O’Loghlin, and Tammy Moskites all left a long-lasting impression.

    Paul has also come away with a new perspective on the perceived skills gap in the industry. It is perhaps not entirely true to say that there aren’t enough people who want to work in cyber security in Australia. It would be more accurate to say that the expectations from employers do not match the skills and experience of job seekers…yet! So there are plenty of people applying for jobs, they just don’t meet the perceived requirements.

    How do we address the gap? Let’s meet in the middle somewhere. Sure, job seekers will continuously work on improving their skills, but perhaps employers need to think harder about what their expectations are. Don’t just post the same job advertisement that was used last time, tailor it to what the job market can deliver.

    Think outside the square when developing a cyber security workforce. Consider people from non-traditional or non-linear IT backgrounds. Consider hiring veterans, who often bring a vastly different perspective. Write job requirements that encourages diversity, not hinders it. Be inspired by people like Sarah Young and Claire Pales. The power of a motivated and diverse workforce cannot be understated.

    All in all, BCT is already looking forward to CyberCon 2020!

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