Never Miss a Big Event Again

Choose Your Lifestyle

We know how important it is to not miss the big moments in life. Good people, with good lives, make good employees.

But most businesses think that this just means inserting ‘work-life balance’ in the corporate presentation. It’s treated as a trade off, where their motivation is clearly towards you doing the work part.

That kind of treatment works on people that have never missed important life milestones. We’ve been there and know better. That’s why at BCT Solutions, we built a business that let’s people shape their work and lifestyle.

To help you achieve the lifestyle you want, we’ve created a straightforward guide. It is a how-to guide, developed by our own staff who are travelling the world whilst they do the work they love.

Still need some help on how to get the lifestyle you want? Just check out this quick reference guide we made. We had you front of mind when we made it.

4 Steps to a Better Lifestyle

Establish Your Direction

Security is a human need. But competent and confident people will always have work. So identify what is important in your life and start investing in it.


Do Your Research

There are plenty of ways to achieve your goals. But not every company is going to be a fit for you. Find out which companies provide the best blend of flexibility and rewarding work.


Have a Conversation

Don’t ask, don’t get! Talk to the companies and develop the common ground. You might be surprised how much flexibility is available in the twenty-first century workplace.

Unlock the Benefits

You’ve made the step-change, so leverage the benefits. Deliver on all the commitments you made (as you always do) and reap the rewards from living the life you want.


Quick Reference Guide

How to Live the Lifestyle You Want

Is your work impacting on your life?
Start ticking your lifestyle boxes by making a step-change.

People that are great at what they do, deserve to be rewarded with the lifestyle they want.

How? Ask us. Start with a conversation. We’ve taken all the tips and tricks from people that are currently living their dreams and put it into daily practice.

How We Do it

  • Flexibility 99%
  • Freedom 85%
  • Support 95%
  • Reward 90%

Our team is filled with amazing people that just get work done. So it is super easy to give them all the flexibility in the world. As we always know that they achieve what the client wants and promote the BCT brand in the process.

The independence of our staff, means that we are there at any stage to provide support. For example we provide a totally free psychology service that is anonymously billed to the business.

Ultimately we are all in business to be rewarded. So we share our success with our employees, offer career progression as Associate Directors and provide an employee referral bonus.

Why do we do all these things? Because people living their lives make for great team members. If you want to live the life you want, then you should make sure your employee does this for you too.

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