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Life is too short to not live the lifestyle you want. When you are ready, make the move to a better place.

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Transition Your Career

Every veteran should be able to realise a successful career transition. To do the work you love and live the life you want. We know the value of that service commitment and the desire to live a healthy and rewarding life. That’s why we built BCT Solutions around the principles of Freedom, Flexibility and Reward.

Progress Your Career

A new job and a new career brings an exciting sense of anticipation. But that anticipation can quickly fade as the promised career progression is not realised. Good people deserve good careers. So company’s that understand and value your potential, provide great career partners. Just ask us about how to progress your career.

Choose Your Lifestyle

We know how important it is to not miss the big moments in life. Good people, with good lives, make great employees. But most businesses think that this just means inserting ‘work-life balance’ into the annual corporate presentation. Want to take control of the decisions that affect your lifestyle? Well you can…

Join the Revolution

Our incredible growth has been driven by amazing people joining BCT Solutions.

Small Biz Champion

Business Growth Award Winner 2018

Deloitte Tech Fast 500

12th in APAC 2017

AFR Fast Starter 2017

4th in growth | 68th in revenue

“A flexible workplace that provides personal development and training, which encourages mastery of job and motivation to improve performance. The empower program is an excellent endeavour which differentiates BCT from other similar consultancy firms.” Recent Comment in an Employee Survey

Our Way


Flexible Work

We have people that can be trusted to deliver amazing results. Therefore, why constrain them to sit in an office from 9 to 5? So we let our people choose how they work. They reward us with consistent results and happy clients. Sounds like a sweet deal? Works for us!

Empowered Team

It might seem like people are a consistent theme for use. But we mean it. We even have an Employee Professional Opportunities & Wellness Rhythm (EmPOWeR) program. The recipe for our success starts with unlocking the potenial of our people. It’s worked so far.

Total Support

We want our people to know  that we always have their back. It is the least we can do. Need some additional support? No problems, we cater for all kinds of situations. Changing life circumstances? Easy. We have people on all different kinds of arrangements. Just ask…

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