Independent CEWTI Consultancy

Cyber, Electronic Warfare, Technology & Intelligence (CEWTI). We’re the fastest growing consultancy in the industry.


Technical Services

  • Intelligence Analysis & Risk Management
  • Information Security Governance
  • Digital Forensics
  • ICT Strategy and Architecture
  • Business Intelligence & Simulation
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

Project Delivery

We provide project management services and support to capability development.

  • Project Management
  • Project Coordination
  • Contract Management
  • Business Case Development


We support management of the full Systems Engineering life cycle using leading methodologies and tools.

  • Requirements Setting
  • Engineering Artefacts
  • Engineering Standards Review
  • Test and Evaluation

Learning & Development

We provide L&D analysis, strategies and solutions including design and delivery.

  • Workforce Planning
  • Training & Performance Analysis
  • Learning solutions and support
  • Training delivery and evaluation

Angus Heatley

Director – Operations

Patrick Batch

Director – Consulting

David French

General Manager

Bec Dyson

Account Manager

Kelly Alsop

Account Manager

Paul Barnes

Account Manager

Our Approach

We do things just a little differently at BCT Solutions…

1. People

Our success starts with our people. We find experienced and motivated experts. Then give them everything they need to do their best work. It’s a recipe that has worked so far.

2. Relationships

People are great by themselves, but people with relationships are better. They make going to work everyday an absolute joy and ensure that we always deliver results.

3. Outcomes

Clients want outcomes. So we make sure we always deliver on our promise. How do we do it? Having amazing people that know exactly how to build a successful partnerships with providers and clients.

4. Lifestyle

Being solely focused on the bottom line would make us just like any other business. Instead we make sure our people are achieving both their work and lifestyle goals. It makes them really great employees.

Our Difference



Our staff are experienced, committed, experts in their field and just plain good people. We don’t hide the B team behind A team rates. Everyone is a leader in their own right – capable of finding out what clients want and always delivering on the promise.


Clear communication. Strong relationships. Outcome focused. This is what we aim for every day with our people and our clients. We are not crazy enough to believe we can deliver everything for everyone. But we definitely make that each relationship is based on a common understanding of outcomes.


Great people in a flexible work environment, means that we can have small teams delivering best-fit outcomes. So every solution will have industry-leading practice and qualifications behind it. All without the overheads of a bureacuracy trying always to peddle the same fixed delivery model.

What Our Staff Say

“I feel that they genuinely champion flexible work arrangements, provide the accompanying support & encourage you to find the professional/personal balance that’s right for your circumstances. This is absolutely outstanding” Recent Employee Survey Comment

“Hard to beat. 1-on-1 induction meant that I could quickly settle in to the new role and start project work immediately, which benefited both me and BCT. The induction was at a good pace and didn’t involve days of ppt and online courses. Thanks!” Recent Employee Survey Comment

“I have really enjoyed coming onboard to BCT. The work is really interesting, the working conditions are excellent and I have not seen a company culture this great anywhere in the Defence consulting space.” Recent Employee Survey Comment

“Use of social media, personal and group emails and phone calls to let you know you are on the right track and your work is being noticed, a very encouraging environment” Recent Employee Survey Comment

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